Eric Eye (Areola and Tattoo Artist) USA artist

Restorative Tattoo Arts
7218 Linden Avenue North, 
USA 98108
Tel: +1 (206) 2719349

Eric Eye has been working as a professional tattoo artist since 1990. His partner underwent a double mastectomy and reconstruction shortly before they met. Upon meeting her and hearing about her search to find a quality restorative tattoo artist he decided to shift his focus to this type of work. Having worked as a portrait painter and realistic tattoo artist, his skills were particularly well suited to recreating extremely realistic nipples and areolas in this medium. Eric’s work has been featured in several local and national news outlets including CBS This Morning. He has organized an annual tattoo fundraiser to help women undergoing treatment for breast and ovarian cancer since 2017, and remains active in the several non-profit events and organizations. 

“I am continually amazed by how far we are able to push the medium of tattoo. The fact that restorative tattoos can have such a profound impact on survivors is something that will always drive me to push my skills as far as I possibly can.”