MTA Medical

The MTA Medical has been created as part of our continued mission at the Mastectomy Tattooing Alliance to increase the standard of areola-nipple tattooing for the breast cancer community.

MTA Medical is a collective of professionals and tattoo artists from across the globe whose careers and passions are focused on delivery the highest standards of medical tattooing.  We believe that this life-changing form of tattooing should not be taken lightly, and it is vital for artists to undertake proper and thorough training in order to execute areola-nipple tattoos safely, permanently and skill fully. 

MTA Medical mission statement : “To establish standards in the medical tattooing field that minimises the patient’s risk of substandard tattoos or malpractice on the part of the practitioner and improve the patients quality of life.”

We are dedicated to improving the quality of restorative tattooing within the tattoo and PMU industries by providing much needed support and resources for proper training.  MTA Medical will also be conducting more research on areola-nipple tattooing, in order to ensure more awareness is raised to the importance of these tattoos and the huge impact they have on peoples mental and physical wellbeing. 

The Mastectomy Tattooing Alliance is already a trusted and growing source, with a directory of artists approved by us for their exceptional skills in medical tattooing and high artist ability in creating 3D areola-nipple tattoos. Our aim is to build even more trusted relationships within the breast cancer community and medical field with MTA Medical, so that more awareness and information is made available on areola-nipple tattooing after mastectomy surgery and breast cancer treatment, as we continue to support people in their healing journey after cancer. 

More information on our newly formed MTA Medical board will be announced soon, we are very excited to share our next stage with you.

If you are interested in contributing to our mission, please email: