Nicole Rizzuto (Areola Artist)

NMR Tattoo LLC, 
1924 Bellmore Avenue, 
Bellmore, NY 
USA 11710

Tel: +1(516) 2619278

Nicole Rizzuto is a licensed tattoo artist and certified Surgical Technologist from Long Island, New York. She owns her own private tattoo studio, NMR Tattoo, that is styled to make her clients feel right at home. Her combination of traditional tattooing and operating room experience, brings extensive experience and knowledge in the field of restorative tattooing. She has a passion for creating realistic 3D nipple and areola tattoos in the hope of  helping people reconnect with their body.

“With my background and profession, I feel I can be a great asset to many people whether it be breast cancer patients or anyone with skin imperfections. Medical tattooing could restore one’s confidence in how they feel in their skin.”