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To request funding towards your tattoo please fill in the form below

Funding: Listed below is our current funding structure. 

If you wish to generate an invoice to the MTA for your funding for your own business accounts, please attach below.

3D Reconstructed Areola: Unilateral £200 / Bilateral £300 per client

Traditional tattoo designs: M.T.A will contribute £50 per hour

Funding is currently capped at £300 per artist per month

Raising Awareness: Please include images of your tattoo(s) when submitting your funding form, these images will be used to promote your work across our social accounts and website. All images must be free of any watermarks or graphics.

Artists must include a signed and dated disclaimer from the client agreeing for images to be shared on the MTA website and/or social media accounts, funding will not be granted to images that cannot be shared to help raise awareness. (The identity of the client will be kept confidential at all times)

Payments: Payments can be made by bank transfer only, please include the necessary information on your invoice.

Please fill in the form below, attach an invoice and images of the tattoo(s), once submitted we will process your request and aim to transfer funds as soon as possible. Incomplete or incorrect forms will automatically disqualify for funding.

Please ensure the payee name matches your bank account name in full

Artist Details

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Tattoo Details


Artist Payment Details

Please ensure the payee name matches your bank account name in full

Please complete each section carefully and include all details requested in each question, submissions with missing/incomplete information will be automatically voided.